Integrate Zendesk with WhatsApp

Why should I use WhatsApp?

You have your Zendesk setup and are using it to help your customers, uphold your SLA’s and getting your team informed what are the most urgent things to miss. That’s great, but maybe sometimes it feels like you’re messages are not reaching your audience well enough? You’re probably using mail to communicate and are noticing that your team and your customers miss some of your messages. Sadly that’s the norm nowadays, with people only opening about 15-25% e-mails on average

There is another way. WhatsApp has an open rate of 98% . It’s an uncharted territory for business with WhatsApp just recently opening it up for B2B purposes. Sadly they are charging big prices for this (8 cent per message) and want to check every message you send to be sure you’re not sending annoying messages or doing things they can make money from in another way (remember; WhatsApp is owned by Facebook!). We’re a group of marketers that though “That’s mean! We’re already being billed enough by Facebook! ” so we went out and created our own API for WhatsApp.


Ready to use WhatsApp for your business?

What can the Nick API do?

The API lives on a personal webhook for you. Nick is waiting for your requests. You can just send him an HTTP Request with JSON. Here’s an example of how that would look like.



    "message":"Hey Joan! Could you tell us a little more about the issue you’re having with our product? If you reply to me on this number we can help you really fast!"

How does it work

You need a phone with WhatsApp. Messages will be sent from here, so if you’re already communicating with customers through WhatsApp just use that phone. Sign up for an account, scan the QR code to link your account with your personal assistant, Nick, and you’re done! Now you can just add your webhook URL to set up a trigger or automation in Zendesk for whatever you want to do. Here are some ideas of what you can do, all of these can be set up in less then 15 minutes!

  • Notify your team of new issues by WhatsApp
  • Get notified through WhatsApp when you’re about to breach SLA
  • Notify your team through WhatsApp when an important client raises an issue
  • Remind your customers to pay their bills through WhatsApp
  • Everything you can do through email


Still confused?

Test out our WhatsApp automation below to see what we can do with it. We can talk to you with whatever you want to do and have lots of resources to help you. We’re just launching so these are not online yet, but for now we’ll include service and support to get you set up 😉.

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How it works & pricing

  • Integrate your CRM & marketing tools with our API​
  • Set up your automation within 2 minutes, no template limitations ​
  • Direct contact with 1.500.000.000 users with a 98% open rate
  • € 0,05 per message & € 99 per month ​
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