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Let’s get technical

How does Nick work?

Nick’s a simple man. You make an API call, he writes a message.

Your ➨ Nick API ➨ Your WhatsApp

We won’t spill the details but except from Nick’s dedication to sending messages he’s not that different from you; he uses a browser, mouse and keyboard to deliver your message.

Who's behind Nick?

Just me.

I’m a developer gone marketeer. In my work I missed the capability to automate sending out WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp Business API didn’t cut it for me or my clients so I decided to make my own API, just the way I liked.

Send me a WhatsApp  message if you have any questions!

How does Nick stay safe?


Nick uses WhatsApp’s own device coupling to make sure all is well. You can revoke the access whenever you want from your phone!

Seperated Containers

Nick has a separate container instance running just for you. Only accessible with your key and not a chance for leaks!


Nick has amnesia. As soon as he send your message he forgets the content and only remembers a hash of it. He speaks fluent bcrypt.


We’re offering 100 free messages to get you up and running.  After that you pay 

  • 5 cent per message
  •  99 euro per month

Of course you can check your free credit and messages send with the API.

How do I get started?

Get your account right here and now. We’ll e-mail you your login.

And then?

Send messages in Python

This guide will get you set up in Python.

Check the API documentation

Read the documentation for the API.