Linking your phone to Nick

If you’re here you probably just created your account.

The next thing to do is to hook up a telephone with WhatsApp to your Nick instance. This way WhatsApp gives Nick permission to send messages in your name, from your WhatsApp.

Don’t worry, you can always revoke these rights if you no longer want to.

Need an account?

What phone to use?

We recommend using a separate phone for running WhatsApp, that way it won’t get in the way of your day to day communication. If you’ve already got a WhatsApp account for your business use that one. Do note that while Nick is busy typing sending messages you can’t use Web WhatsApp yourself (But you can use the app ofcourse). This is because Nick is currently typing, just like it would work when sharing it with a colleague.

If you need to take control of Web WhatsApp again you can just pause Nick from the front end portal.

How to connect

Connecting is easy. Just login to your Nick at In this screen you will be greeted with a big QR code. This QR code needs to be scanned to give permission to use it. How you do this depends on your type of phone, but it should go something like this:

  1. Open WhatsApp on the phone you intend to use
  2. Press the three dots for the menu
  3. Select WhatsApp Web
  4. Pres the topright plus to add a WhatsApp Web device
  5. Scan the QR Code on your screen
  6. That’s it!

Next steps

Now the floor is yours. To get started fast we recommend using Zapier or Integromat to build your automation. That way you don’t have to hassle with the API yourself but can have these tools do it for you. You can import Nick to work native in both of these tools. Pick your poison. If you enjoy geeky hassle check out the API documentation.

Zapier Nick Calendar Integration

Using Zapier with Nick

If you’re done connecting your WhatsApp to Nick you’re ready to start automating. One easy way of doing this is using Zapier. On the image

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