Nick API Documentation


The API for Nick is straightforward to use. Using just your Bearer Token you can use all of the encodes (Except login) to manage your instance. Most of the things are also available in the front end.

If you’re having trouble linking your phone check out the Linking your Phone guide.

Quick Tips

  • Make sure to keep your Bearer token safe
  • Make sure you track consent for users
  • Check your status if something seems off
  • Nick can only type 1 message every 10 seconds.

Complete Documentation

The following link holds all of the information you need and can be exported to be used in Postman! At the top you can select your desired development language to get an idea how the API requests would look like.

No idea what's going on here?

Check out the following guides for using it with Zapier or Integromat to save you the hassle of connecting it manually.

Zapier Nick Calendar Integration

Using Zapier with Nick

If you’re done connecting your WhatsApp to Nick you’re ready to start automating. One easy way of doing this is using Zapier. On the image

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