Using Integromat with Nick

Done connecting WhatsApp to Nick? Then you’re ready to start automating. Integromat is a very powerfull way to so and Nick loves working with Integromat. On the image on right you can see how easy it is to send subscribers to a Mailchimp list a WhatsAPp welcome message.

Haven’t connected your phone yet? Use this button to link that first.

Mailchimp WhatsApp List

Connecting Nick to Integromat

To connect Nick to Zapier you will need your API Token. You got this in our welcome e-mail. For security reasons it can’t be find on your portal page. If you’ve got that ready it’s time to go to Zapier. To make things easy we have a link to import the Nick “Send Message”. Click the link below and on the next page click the “Accept Invite & Build a Zap” and it will load straight into Zapier. 


To get Integromat to talk to Nick you need the API Token. This way Nick is sure that you’ve allowed someone to send messages. For security reasons you can only find this in your welcome e-mail and not on your portal page. Got it? Then it’s time to get started with Integromat. If you haven’t got an account I suggest making that first, and then coming back and clicking the link below.

On the following page click “At to my inventory”. It might take a couple of minutes to appear and it won’t pop up in the main search screen when creating a scenario. But once in scenario you can search for it and add it.

Connecting the account

First thing to do when you’re using  a new module is setting up a new connection. In the Nick module press “Add” you will now be prompted to fill in a name and your API token. Choose a descriptive name like “Work phone 0612345678” so you can use it again later. The API token you can find in your e-mail.

Configure the send message action

Now before sending messages you just need to fill them. There are just two fields.


The message is the message you want to send. Make it personal and add people’s first name!


For the number fill in the number you want to send to. You have to include the country code to send, and you have to omit the + at the beginning. 

Need inspiration?

There’s lots of ways to use Integromat together with other services. Given the complexity Integromat can handle the possibilities are endless. How about creating a WhatsApp newsletter? Just load the phone numbers from your e-mail CRM, and schedule your newsletters in a Google Spreadsheet!

Happy messaging!

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