Using Zapier with Nick

If you’re done connecting your WhatsApp to Nick you’re ready to start automating. One easy way of doing this is using Zapier. On the image you can see how a automation to sent people calendar reminders looks like in Zapier. Easy as one, two, three. Literally!

If you haven’t connected your phone yet try reading our guide on that first.

Zapier Nick Calendar Integration

Connecting Nick to Zapier

To connect Nick to Zapier you will need your API Token. You got this in our welcome e-mail. For security reasons it can’t be find on your portal page. If you’ve got that ready it’s time to go to Zapier. To make things easy we have a link to import the Nick “Send Message”. Click the link below and on the next page click the “Accept Invite & Build a Zap” and it will load straight into Zapier. 

Add the Account

When you’re ready to add Nick to a Zap just search for it and add the action. Note that we currently only have an action and no trigger. We hope to start listening to messages soon. Once you have added the Zap you have to add the account. To do this add a Nick account and fill in your API token in the prompt. It should connect and stay connected.

Configure the send message action

Now for the action it’s time to fill in. There’s only two things to fill in


The message is the message you want to send. Feel free to personalise it with Zapier’s data!


For the number fill in the number you want to send too. You have to include the country code to send, and you have to omit the + at the beginning. 

Need inspiration?

There’s lots of ways to use Zapier together with other services. Our biggest tip for marketeers is to use it in the same way you use e-mail! There’s a lot of information to find on how e-mail can increase your revenue, and doing it with WhatsApp is even stronger.

Happy messaging!

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